Vincent supports participants to create connections through awareness, both with themselves and with others. In doing so, he puts a beneficial counterweight to increasing social isolation and a feeling of self-alienation. In view of his modesty, there is no need to be fooled by the fact that his personality has gone into a deep examination of himself and his environment.

Kerstin Bosenius

I've been attending Vincent's courses for 10 years. I know and appreciate him both as a very honest person and as an excellent educator. In particular, I am always happy about his sovereignty in dealing with groups, also about how he manages to address people he doesn't know in his courses as well as those who have been familiar with him for a long time.

Dieter Goffing

Lessons with Vincent Levesque always leave me feeling more centered, more relaxed and with a heightened awareness of myself, my environment and all those within it. This is most certainly due to his deep knowledge of the subject, his keen observation skills and his genuine caring for people. I certainly recommend working with him.

Shawn Grocott

The groups I did with Vincent were very inspiring, not only the topics themselves but especially the Exemplary Way Vincent introduces the material to his clients and groups- a way of proposing new ideas so gently that these ideas seem to emerge naturally from the participants.

Prof. Peter Prommel

For years I've been doing courses with Vincent - and I never want to stop! His thoughtful method is refreshing and holistically enriching. It allows me a better connection to myself and at the same time to others. I recommend it wholeheartedly!

Hajdi Elzeser